Programme evaluation

One of my most enjoyable professional pursuits is that of programme evaluation. I have completed a number of projects in South Africa for corporate foundations, as well as being involved with an evaluation of a pilot education programme in New Zealand. These include:

2020 – Digital Access in New Zealand schools

Contracted by KSI Consulting, I provided analysis and report writing for a digital access pilot programme in New Zealand schools. In this project I was able to add value in the later stages of an evaluation project to deliver a quality report to stakeholders.

2015 – Santam Child Art Review

In 2015 I led a programme review for the Santam Child Art programme. The Santam Child Art Project began in 1963, with the aim of promoting a love of art among children and giving them a platform for expressing and presenting their thoughts and ideas creatively. Originally positioned as a public relations initiative, it has evolved in its fifty-two year lifespan to be a multifaceted art development programme. In 2010, the programme was reviewed and realigned to be more strongly developmental and inclusive of disadvantaged schools.

Four years on, Santam sought to assess the achievements of the revised Child Art strategy and determine the impact it is having both developmentally on the beneficiaries, and for the Santam business. Trialogue was invited to undertake this assessment, and this document outlines the findings. I was the project lead for this review.

2015 – Telkom Foundation education programme review

In 2015 I was one of a small team of evaluators that undertook a review of five Telkom Foundation supported education programmes to identify their impact, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. I developed mixed method tools and undertook fieldwork to interview programme stakeholders including project coordinators, education experts, educators, school principals. Learners were surveyed. I also project managed aspects of this evaluation, analysed data and wrote up the findings.

2014 – Eskom Foundation programme review

I undertook a review of three Eskom Foundation supported education programmes as part of a wider review of the Eskom Foundation education programme in a small team of evaluators. I developed questionnaires and undertook fieldwork to interview stakeholders. I wrote up case studies and findings on each of these and contributed to the overall report.

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