EVolocity – programme management and communications

EVolocity is a national sustainability & innovation high schools programme that partners with tertiary institutions to implement a practical innovation programme in schools.

I currently have two roles at EVolocity. In my Communications role (since November 2020) I am responsible for developing and implementing the communications strategy for EVolocity, including producing our quarterly ezine and maintaining all our online. In my programme management role, I am responsible for developing and implementing the EVolocity programme in Canterbury. This includes developing and maintaining funding relationships with corporate sponsors around Canterbury, and coordinating 20+ participating schools, and developing relationships with educators, mentors and tertiary partners, as well as other partners who can add value to the programme.

My focus in 2020 has been on improving our communications, growing partnerships and increasing our Maori and Pasifika representation. I have produced two e-zines, added a cultural element to the programme and am developing a partnership with Ministry of Awesome.

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